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about us

About Us

History and a brief introduction of our company

7tru.com Company Ltd. ( Private joint stock company ) was established on 25th October 2018 with the registration number 11012615, at the British Registration department for Enterprises and trading companies in London. This company is a holding company in the Crypto Coin industry and its main activity is investment in digital currencies, Business processes, research and development of electronic currency and extraction plans for the launch and participation in the development of the Crypto Industry.
The activities of the company were followed up on two areas of recognition of other attractive opportunities in the future which were offered by the Crypto Coin industry, as well as the deepening of the strategies through operationalization in existing holdings, which resulted in the provision of atomic exchange services in the portfolio of the company's target industries on the one hand, and the identification of business diversification and the purposeful work in the Block chain technology industry on the other hand. The application of Ghadir strategies in the context of strategic planning in other areas are in the direction of identification, configuration and documentation system.
We use round business and trend trading and try to make profit by analyzing specific crypto currency which is in the ascending or descending trend and divide that profit among our investors.
Our policy
In depth market research
We are curious about what's happening right now on the market, and this a great opportunity to do some in-depth research about the market.
Our perspective
Getting to the position of one of the top three world-class investment companies in terms of asset value with relying on capabilities, management, and available human capital.
• Meeting the expectations of shareholders about the expected returns and paying out the benefits within an appropriate time period.
• Earning the highest possible returns and utilizing all available power and talents to improve the value of all available assets.
• Choosing the optimal area of economic activity among attractive opportunities.
• Creating more value and wealth within the framework of cash flow and added value from investments (relying on the creation of value chains).
• Providing long-term and sustainable profitability.

Axial values
Transparency in goals, plans, decision bases, resources and expenditures for all stakeholders.
Moving in line with the interests of the investors and in line with the orientation of the Crypto Coin development plans.
Social responsibility and adherence to professional ethics.
Legislative (in terms of understanding, observance and implementation) with the emphasis on the interests of the investors.
Use of up-to-date knowledge and efforts to strengthen the crypto currency economy.
Emphasis on meritocracy with the use of appropriate tools.

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