Investment Plans

Plan 1

+200% in 20 Hours
Minimum: $0.10
Maximum: $1000.00
Invest & Earn

Plan 2

+200% in 10 Hours
Minimum: $1001.00
Maximum: $2500.00
Invest & Earn

Plan 3

+200% in 5 Hours
Minimum: $2501.00
Maximum: $50000.00
Invest & Earn

About Us

We are 7Tru Ltd, a UK Registered company, involved in crypto mining and investment business. We have started our operation locally in United Kingdom on year 2016 and within 2 year of our business operation in 2018 we have started 4 crpto mining datacenters and got a good return on our initial investment with the help of our skilled crypto trading experts. According to our vision & business expansion plan in 2022 we have started our global operation to present a safe & secure investment environment for global investors.

With our online investment project, any global investor can earn a stable guaranteed return from their investments. We ensure the safest investment environment by allocating the investors capital in our different trading projects with ratio, where 50% of capital got assigned to our Bitcoin mining datacenter & rest 50% assigned to our Crypto Arbitrage Trading. Our distributed capital management ensures a smooth and stable return on any of our investments. As an investor, to start earning from our project you can simply make the investment using our online platform, and our experts will allocate the investment to our mining and trading business, and you will get the return according to investment plan you make investment with. Making mone with us is simple and easy, you don't need to know any technical skills.

Join us & Enter the real world of Crypto

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Sep-23-2022 03:33:07 AM $50000.00
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Sep-22-2022 11:22:17 AM $50000.00
Sep-22-2022 11:21:58 AM $50000.00
Sep-22-2022 11:21:44 AM $50000.00
Sep-22-2022 11:21:31 AM $50000.00
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Sep-22-2022 11:21:03 AM $50000.00
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